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business translation services

Plume Traductions is a customer-centred translation agency and a one-stop shop for all your translation needs.

Discover our wide range of turnkey translation and localisation services designed to meet your company's needs and help it grow.

Open your business to new opportunities

Entreprise en croissance

Our services

Expand your business internationally

Plume Traductions assists you in developing your business internationally.


To conquer a new market, you must first understand it thoroughly. It is not simply a matter of translating, but of adapting to the culture and the target market.


With our team of expert localization translators, we can help you adapt your company, brand image and products to your new market.

Contact us to find out more about the solutions we offer.

Entreprise qui se développe à l'international

Attract foreign customers

Entreprise qui attire des clients étrangers

Hospitality, tourism or the catering industry... Many companies can benefit from multilingual marketing materials. Addressing your potential customers in their own language is reassuring and increases your conversion rate.


Our translation agency can help you adapt your websites, menus, brochures and leaflets into the languages of your foreign clients.


Contact us to find out which languages can help you develop your business according to your industry and geographical location.

Communicate with your customers

Communication avec les prospects

You only get one chance to make a good impression


Communicate with your customers in their own language, whether it's on your website, in your corporate documents, in your marketing materials or in your sales and customer support messages. Our native translators are experts in your sector, ensuring a natural translation that bridges linguistic and cultural gaps.

Technology at your service

Traduction assistée par intelligence artificielle

A skilful blend of human talent, artificial intelligence and new technologies to cut costs and reduce delivery time

Plume traductions has teamed up with the leading artificial intelligence providers in the translation market to speed up its processes - when and where possible - to reduce costs and turnaround times, making translation accessible to as many customers as possible.


Different solutions can be implemented depending on your project. Find out more.

Our fields of expertise

We work with qualified translators who specialise in their field and translate exclusively into their mother tongue.



​​IT & software


Medical & Pharmaceutical​​

Real estate

Human resources

Arts & Entertainment

​​Power, Oil & Gas


Casino & games

Banking & finance



​​Marketing & Advertising


Our clients

Plume translations is proud to collaborate with a large number of companies in a wide range of sectors, helping them to expand internationally and achieve their objectives through services tailored to their business activity. Law firms, hotels, online retailers and software providers are just a few examples of companies benefiting from our personalised support.

​​Why trust us with your translations?

​​Turnkey services
Volume discounts
​​All file formats supported
Fast and competitive
Certified expert translators
Meets your business needs

Our services are designed to meet the specific needs of companies ( dedicated management, preferential rates for large orders, creation and maintenance of customised glossaries and translation memories for consistent quality, dedicated translators, etc.).

Entrusting us with your translations means opting for a turnkey service: we manage your project from start to finish, from the translation to the editing and layout of the new document. All you have to do is provide us with your material, and the documents will be sent back to you ready for use.

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