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Our translation services

Entrust your translations to highly qualified professionals with extensive knowledge of your business sector, for a turnkey service that lives up to your expectations.

Dedicated to quality

Our highly qualified translators are experts of your business sector and translate only into their mother tongue, guaranteeing an end result of the highest quality.

24/7 service

Our project managers and translators are always on hand to help you complete your urgent projects in record time.

All file types

We handle all file formats, from Word documents and IDMLs to PDFs and software. We return your translated and formatted files in the same format.

We speak your customers' and prospects' languages

Communicate efficiently with your prospects, customers and partners thanks to our unrivalled linguistic expertise, bringing real added value to your business. Our translation services enable SMEs and large international corporations alike to address a multilingual and international audience.

Our translation agency is committed not only to providing you with texts translated to perfection, but also to being your trusted language partner by offering you services of unrivalled quality that will allow you to work with complete peace of mind. Because we know that smooth, effective communication with your audience is essential to your company's success.

Website translation

Your website is an essential interface for gaining visibility and credibility with your customers and prospects. That's why a simple translation is not enough: our translators adapt your content to the target culture to ensure smooth communication with your audience. We also make sure your SEO is transposed in the new language. The translation can be done from your HTML files, from the back office of your CMS, or integrated directly into your site from our software via an API, making your new content available in multilingual versions in record time.

Technical translation

Translating technical documents not only requires advanced linguistic and translation skills, but also an excellent knowledge of the technical field concerned. All our technical translators are specialised in a specific field, ensuring that you receive a rigorous translation of the highest quality, whether it concerns instruction manuals, regulatory texts or medical reports. From finance to politics to IT, we have the expertise to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

Legal translation​​

Legal translations are among the most technically demanding. Law is written very differently in different countries, and only a specialised and experienced professional translator will be able to navigate the codes and constitutions of different countries. The confidentiality and security of your information is also very important. This is why we have put in place a set of procedures to guarantee a high level of security. Our translators sign a confidentiality agreement and all your documents will be stored securely and destroyed once the project has been completed.

Sworn translations

Entrust your sworn translations to Plume Traductions. We will provide you with an official document that can be presented to all administrations, institutions and authorities in France and abroad. These translations are carried out by our expert translators approved by the French Courts of Appeal, who certify that the text is a faithful and accurate translation of your original document. Entrust us with your certificates, transcripts, legal diplomas, driving licences, etc. with absolute security: the confidentiality of your information is guaranteed.

Software localisation

Software localisation is much more than just translation. It's a complex process that involves adapting your software, apps, user interfaces and content to meet the specific needs of users in each target region. By taking into account linguistic, cultural, technical and legal aspects, we help you deliver a smooth and natural user experience in any language. We work with filters to extract and reinsert your texts into your code and work with almost every platform on the market.

Document translation

Each document is unique and it is essential to preserve its original message, tone and intent. A successful translation facilitates communication between the parties involved and allows information to cross linguistic, cultural and legal barriers clearly and effectively. Our professional translators always translate into their mother tongue, guaranteeing a high-quality translation that is accurate, fluent and culturally appropriate to the target audience, while respecting the integrity of the original text.

Our fields of expertise

We work with qualified translators who specialise in their field and translate exclusively into their mother tongue.



​​IT & software


Medical & Pharmaceutical​​

Real estate

Human resources

Arts & Entertainment

​​Power, Oil & Gas


Casino & games

Banking & finance



​​Marketing & Advertising


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