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Our audiovisual translation services

Bring your content to life on a global scale

Plume Traductions offers two proven, cost-effective solutions for adapting your video content, enabling you to communicate across linguistic and cultural boundaries: subtitling and voice-over. Our experienced team of expert audiovisual translators is ready to bring your multimedia projects to life on the international stage and carefully adapt them to reach a global audience. Find out how we can help you create captivating and memorable experiences for a diverse audience.


Subtitling is much more than simply translating text. It is an art that requires precision, concision and synchronisation. Our team of specialist translators and audiovisual experts work meticulously to create subtitles that are clear, legible and adapted to your multimedia content.  Subtitles must be in harmony with the visual and auditory context of the multimedia content to ensure that the message is fully understood.


Our talented voice-over team is made up of captivating and expressive voices, specially selected for each project. Whether for promotional videos, presentations, narrations or tutorials, we have the expertise to bring your content to life in the language of your choice. We pay particular attention to the accuracy of intonation, consistency of tone and synchronisation with the visual content. Our aim is to provide you with a quality voice-over that will resonate with your audience, wherever they live.

Build global connections across screens

In today's world, communication goes far beyond written words. Videos, films, presentations, and broadcast media play a central role in how we share stories, information, and emotions with global audiences. At Plume Traductions, we understand the critical importance of audiovisual translation in reaching a diverse international audience and ensuring your message resonates powerfully in every language.

Audiovisual translation is a complex art that requires much more than simple language skills. It requires a deep understanding of culture, visual storytelling, rhythm, tone and timing. Our team of seasoned audiovisual translators is trained to capture the essence of your content while ensuring it remains true to its original message.

Audiovisual translation is the key to reaching a global audience through screens. At Plume Translations, we are ready to bring your audiovisual content to life in all the languages of the world. Connect with a diverse audience and share your stories with the world. Contact us today to learn more about our audiovisual translation services and how we can help you expand your overall reach.

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