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Our services

Plume Traductions offers various language services to meet the specific needs of companies. From the translation of your technical documents to the localization of your websites and brochures and the editing of subtitles for your corporate videos: our translation agency takes care of everything!


We offer translation services tailored to your specific needs. All our translators are qualified professionals and experts in your sector, ensuring you receive a finished product of the highest quality..

  • Over 70 file formats

  • More than 30 languages

  • All industry sectors

  • Native translators

  • Fast service


Localisation is a highly advanced service that involves not only translating your content, but also adapting it to your target audience, taking into account socio-cultural, legal and linguistic barriers, among others.

  • Products

  • Software

  • Video games

  • Websites

  • Marketing campaigns, etc...


We offer consecutive, simultaneous and liaison interpreting services, on site or by videoconference. We also provide the necessary equipment (headsets, microphones, etc.) depending on your needs..

  • Seminars

  • Negotiations

  • Meetings

  • All industry sectors

  • More than 30 languages

  • On-site or remote


Spelling mistakes, punctuation and syntax errors are all blunders that can make your customers doubt your professionalism, or even misunderstand your text..

  • Professional proofreaders

  • Excellent language skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Knowledge of editorial standards

Machine translation post-editing

Machine translation editing involves having an AI-generated translation proofread by a professional translator, enabling a large number of words to be translated at low cost. This solution does not apply to all projects.

  • Reduced prices

  • Fast delivery

  • Large volumes

  • Human revision and quality control

  • Flexibility and customisation

Multilingual DTP

Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) is a field of graphic and editorial design which aims to create visually attractive and functional documents in several languages.​

  • Vos documents prêts à être imprimés

  • Nombreux formats

  • Typographie, mise en page et polices sont correctement adaptées à chaque langue

Our fields of expertise

We work with qualified translators who specialise in their field and translate exclusively into their mother tongue.



​​IT & software


Medical & Pharmaceutical​​

Real estate

Human resources

Arts & Entertainment

​​Power, Oil & Gas


Casino & games

Banking & finance



​​Marketing & Advertising


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