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Plume Traductions offers various language services to meet the specific needs of companies. From the translation of your technical documents to the localization of your websites and brochures and the editing of subtitles for your corporate videos: our translation agency takes care of everything!




We offer translation services tailored to your specific needs. All our translators are qualified professionals and experts in your field to provide you with a finished product of the highest quality.


We support over 70 different file formats (doc, html, idml, xliff, pdf, etc.). Send us your document and we will send them back to you translated with your original layout.


Contact us to discuss your needs or request a customised quote.

Depending on the technicality and complexity of your documents, proofreading by a second translator may be necessary.


We also offer this service for texts that you have written yourself. Spelling mistakes, punctuation errors or syntax errors can make your clients doubt your professionalism, or even lead to the misunderstanding of your text.


Ask for a customised quote or contact us for more information.



Localisation is a very advanced service that consists not only of translating your content, but essentially of adapting it to your target audience by taking into account socio-cultural, legal and linguistic barriers, among others. For example, a brand of coffee is not sold in the same way in Italy as in the United States, as consumers' demands and expectations are different.


We offer different levels of localisation depending on your needs and budget, ranging from a simple website adaptation to a complete rebranding of your business.

Contact us for more information or request a quote.


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Le sous-titrage est une activité complexe qui nécessite un savoir-faire particulier. Le contenu doit être retranscrit en un espace limité et seul un professionnel sera en mesure de vous fournir un travail de qualité.

Envoyez-nous votre fichier vidéo et nous vous fournirons un fichier de sous-titres du format de votre choix ou incrusterons directement les sous-titres dans votre fichier vidéo.

Contactez-nous pour plus d'informations ou demandez votre devis personnalisé.


Machine translation post-editing

Plume Traductions has partnered with the world's leading providers of professional machine translation engines, thereby reducing costs and delivery times for some types of translations.

Machine translation post-editing is the process of having a professional translator proofread an automatically generated translation, allowing, for example, the translation of a large number of product descriptions for an e-commerce site at a reduced price.


Contact us to find out more about the different possibilities for your company.

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We offer consecutive, simultaneous or liaison interpreting, either on site or via video conference. We also provide the necessary equipment (headsets, microphones, etc.) according to your needs.


Do you need interpreting services but don't know which type is best suited to your situation? Contact us to define your needs together and obtain a non-binding quote.


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